Dial Up Access from Pipex

Completing the array of routes to Internet IP connectivity available from PIPEX is their new PIPEX Solo account.

This is a premium quality service using the existing PIPEX infrastructure of 6 POPs (points of presence) located around the UK, and priced at £15/month, with a £50 setup charge that includes comprehensive supported "best of breed" software for mail, news, FTP and WWW. PIPEX managing Director, Peter Dawe observed:

"Individual access to the Internet has grown far more rapidly than many had anticipated, largely thanks to the widely promoted attractions of the World Wide Web.

"So we needed to complete the picture in our own portfolio of services.

"PIPEX Solo comprises the renowned FTP TCP/IP stack and NetScapeís excellent variation on the Mosaic web-browser theme, and Mail-It the leading Internet Email package. Coupled to our highly accessible infrastructure and low modem/user ratio, itís outstanding value."

PIPEX anticipate that many commercial users will use PIPEX Solo as their means to evaluate the Internet as a viable medium for communication, and ultimately doing business through the medium of the World Wide Web -- to which end the new high capacity Worldserver is available to lease-line customers who can now take advantage of the full bandwidth access to this showcase site (on the 2Mbps PIPEX backbone) for their own presentations.

"Whilst many users understandably want to run their own web shows," observes Dawe, "few relish the onerous task of maintaining a 24hour/365 day a year responsibility.

"And if the site is particularly popular, itís a great deal simpler and more cost effective for us to deliver the necessary bandwidth on demand, than for our customers to increase the capacity of their direct connections."

To check out the current range of PIPEX offerings, click here.

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