Secure LAN Internet Access for Netware Users starts shipping from Firefox

Firefox of Birmingham have started to ship their much anticipated NetWare LAN access software that combines Internet access with security management for system administrators.

At the time of the productís announcement in September, it was believed to be the first complete NetWare Aware Internet connect package available, and also claiming control access to Internet hosts and services.

NOV*IX operates by providing a server-based TCP/IP connectivity capability, with the combination of NetWare and native NOV*IX security. Access to the Internet (and other TCP/IP networks) is provided over native NetWare IPX/SPX protocols with the server managing all IP addressing and administration.

This means that the individual NetWare users donít need to run TCP/IP, avoiding the complex issues of the configuration of multiple stacks and drivers, which has been one of the main problems facing systems administrators until now. This means that NOV*IX for the Internet also allows users to share a single IP address, although if individual addresses are required, they can be provided to NetWare Usernames or User Groups.

The product provides both client and server software, based on Firefoxís NOV*IX TCP/IP products, with the enhanced ability to support WAN connections via SLIP, PPP and ISDN.

Workstation software is based on the familiar NOV*IX Elite communications toolbar, providing ftp, mail, news, gopher and web browsing facilities.

Lock up your URLs

Internet Connect Security (ICS) enables systems administrators to identify Internet hosts and services that NetWare users may access with access denied to any undefined services. This level of management has been long sought after by both corporate systems administrators, and academic systems managers, and removes one of the classic objections placed in the path of Internet evangelists.

To simplify the process, wildcards are permitted in address definitions, restricting users to specified domains, rather than just specific IP addresses or domains names.

It operates through NetWare User Groups, meaning that individual Groups can be set up with different access privileges. The system also controls the access of software such as Mosaic, with its embedded hyperlinks that could otherwise provide a means to escape from a permitted domain.

The email service may be either local, or one using POP3 management from the Internet service provider. Further solutions are available for NetWare users without UNIX mail administration systems in the shape of NOV*IX Mail for NetWare.

The system comes in 5,10,25,50,100 and 250 user packs, with a flexible, stackable licensing scheme. Costs start at £850 for a 5 user system, dropping to £70 per user at 250 users.

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