It 'Will' Happen...

A recurring theme in 1994 for infoHIGHWAY was the effort made to hint at the shape of things to come - especially with respect to the retail and distributive trades.

After being told off by some readers for being unnecessarily alarmist, I wondered if perhaps I might have been a little pre-emptive in predicting the end of traditional retailing within the foreseeable future.

But then there are now appearing some very carefully thought through and implemented web presences - like the cdnow site, and I wonder if the expression 'foreseeable future' might not have been an understatement.

Visit these places and make your own minds up if you can think of a better way to retail music. displays one of the more comprehensive music stores on the Internet. What makes this site one of the more innovative is the addition of specialist magazines covering pop, classical and jazz.