Netscape Keeps its 70% Lead in The Market with its Navigator

Although available for all the major platforms, and already claiming over 70% of the market, the Netscape web browser isnít hanging around while the others catch up.

Netscape Communications Corporation have released Netscape Navigator 1.1, a significantly enhanced version of its popular network navigator that gives users access to richer content and new applications on the Internet. The beta version of Netscape Navigator 1.1 is available immediately for down-loading for educational and non-profit use and for evaluation by commercial users.

The 1.1 version builds on the original Netscape Navigator, which already accounts for more than 70 percent of browser traffic on the Internet, according to statistics from popular web sites. Netscape Navigator 1.1 includes sophisticated new features such as the Netscape Client Application Programming Interface (NCAPI) for easy integ-ration with third party applications, advanced layout capabilities for more visually compelling pages, dynamic document updating for changing information, and enhanced security features.

"Netscape Navigator 1.1 is more than an update to the original: it is a significant new offering that lets users ex-perience an even richer online environment," said Marc Andreessen, Vice President of Technology at Netscape Communications. "Our first version of Netscape Navigator captured the attention of users through its ease of use, integ-rated security and smooth perform-ance over modem lines. By incorporating advanced features and unparalleled flexibility, Netscape Navigator 1.1 expands the online universe and lets users experience the next level in media-rich communications and commerce on the Net."

The 1.1 version of Netscape Navigator now available on the Internet is a public beta version, enabling users to provide feed-back on the software's features and functionality across a wide range of computing platforms. As with the 1.0 release, Netscape will place the final version of Netscape Navigator 1.1 -- due out in April -- on the Internet for free downloading by students and staff in education and non-profit organizations, and for free evaluation by individuals and commercial organizations.

Available for all popular desktop environments, Netscape Navigator is a powerful com-mercial navigator for the Internet, offering high-performance and secure point-and-click network navigation. It is optimized to run smoothly over 14.4 kilobit/ second modems as well as higher band-width lines, delivering performance up to ten times that of other network browsers. Netscape Navigator provides a common feature set and graphical user interface across computers running the Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, or X Window System operating environments. The 1.1 release adds support for two new emerging platforms: 32-bit MS Windows (WindowsNT and Windows95) and Macintosh PowerPC platforms.

Netscape Navigator 1.1's new capabilities include:

Advanced layout capabilities using HTML 3.0 tables and graphical backdrops. These capabilities allow more sophisticated page presentation, including multiple text columns and flexible image placement.
NCAPI, providing sophisticated remote control and inter-application communication capabilities via OLE/DDE on Windows, AppleEvents on Macintosh, and X Events on UNIX. For example, third party applications such as a 3D viewer or rich document viewer can be tightly integrated with Netscape Navigator to allow more sophistic-ated media types to be used directly within the navigator.
Dynamic document updating, which enables Netscape Navigator to display continuously or regularly updated information -- such as stock quotes, weather maps, and other dynamic data.
Additional security options, including an enhanced US-only version with non-exportable encryption technology; and secure Usenet news/con-ferencing capabilities based on the application-independent Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This protocol is compatible with Netscape's recently published SSL source code reference implementation called SSLRef, which has been licensed by more than 100 organizations and individuals.
Enhanced Usenet news interface, including hierarchical newsgroup browsing and search-ing, optimizations for low-band-width connections, and transparent Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) message handling for multimedia and hypermedia news postings.

Netscape Navigator 1.1 is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and X Window System environments, and can be obtained via anonymous FTP from

Commercial users can purchase supported, licensed copies of Netscape Navigator directly from Netscape Communications. Pricing starts at $39 per user.

Netscape Navigator and the complementary server products will soon be available from Unipalm in the UK.

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