'Ovation 2.0' Brings Windows Presentations to The Web
....and Vice Versa

Visual Engineering have announced Release 2.0 of Ovation presentation graphics software for Unix workstations that can be used to create powerful multimedia presentations for use on the World Wide Web.

No one likes to waste time reinventing the wheel. A great deal of the positive impact that computers have had on business is their ability to make a basic job of work usable in other ways. Word processing and email are tightly linked. So too can be presentations and the WWW.

New in Ovation 2.0 is the capability to import presentations from Microsoft's PowerPoint and enhanced PostScript font support. Ovation 2.0 will be available for popular Unix environments on 1 May.

Ovation users with a current maintenance subscription will automatically receive upgrades free of charge.

Ovation 2.0 is the only presentation software product designed to help users publish present-ations electronically via the World Wide Web. The rapid growth in business interest in the Internet, especially the highly graphical World Wide Web, has created a demand for complex electronic documents that include more than simple text. Internet users with graphical web browsers expect high quality graphics in home pages and other documents. However, few companies have integrated WWW support with commercial software offerings. This makes the creation of high quality electronic documents tedious and time consuming.

Ovation creates a web presentation by building a set of documents in the web's HTML format. Most of the current generation HTML documents are hand coded and contain minimal graphical content. However, Ovation's web documents are created automatically and contain Ovation's full range of graphics capabilities, including charts and graphs, bullet slides, diagrams, and imported clip art. In addition, Ovation's web presentations can contain "hot regions" that reference other documents, such as background material or notes. An Ovation web presentation can either run as a conventional electronic slide show, or can serve as a launching point for other web documents.

Some of Ovation's new features, such as anti-aliased text and drop-in fonts, make Ovation especially suited for creating web presentations. For example, users can select a corporate standard font for use in a web presentation, even if that font is unavailable on the viewers' desktops. Anti-aliased text ensures that even small point sizes are readable, and that larger character outlines will always be crisp, rather than jagged. Ovation provides textures, colour gradients, drop shadows, screen capture, and scalable fonts.

Support for presentation files created in Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation software for Windows and Macintosh is built in. Many standard company presentations are created with PowerPoint, and many if not most Unix workstations co-exist with personal computers. Responding to demand, particularly in large corporate and government sites, Visual Engineering added to Ovation the capability to import PowerPoint presentation files, preserving features such as outlines, graphics, charts and master slides.