Pipex Drops its New DIAL Package Onto The Market

The new PIPEX DIAL package is aimed at developing a market for "plug and go" Internet retail software packages. Since the launch of the PIPEX Dialup Network so many customers have joined the network that PIPEX is expanding it to cope with demand. The PIPEX Dialup Network also supports users for a number of PIPEX resellers.

According to Richard Nuttall, Development Manager for PIPEX "The PIPEX Dialup Network will be fully upgraded to V.34 throughout, at no extra cost to the customer, by the end of April 1995.

"These upgrades will bring the benefit of faster access to the Internet whilst guaranteeing PIPEX's committed modem ratio of 30:1".

"The PIPEX Dialup Network and PIPEX Dial have been carefully designed to work well together, giving the best quality single user dialup Internet solution in the UK" says Nuttall. PIPEX say they promise to continue upgrading the network to support growing customer demand, and plans are already being made for upgrades after April.

PIPEX Dial offers a fully integrated suite of software to provide individ-uals with full Internet access via the PIPEX network, all for £15 per month. It is available for UK users immediately and will be extended to include users in Europe by the end of Q2.

Thanks to the ease of use of DIAL, home, small business and mobile business users can install and be using PIPEX Dial within a matter of minutes. They will be able to get full dial-up access via Europe’s premier Internet backbone - literally at the click of a mouse - simply by using a PC running Microsoft Windows and a modem. A Macintosh version is planned to be available by the end of Q2. The software bundle, which comes with every PIPEX Dial connection includes Unipalm’s Mail-it: an easy-to-use email application that allows users to send multimedia attachments as well as simple messages. So for example, you could send a video clip of your new baby to your mother-in-law in Australia or a presentation to your boss in Brussels.

Also included in PIPEX Dial is the acclaimed NetscapeWorld Wide Web (WWW) browser and newsreader from Netscape Communications Inc. Additionally, PIPEX DIAL comes with Telnet (terminal emulation for remote log-in to computers anywhere on the worldwide Internet) and Ping, a simple to use diagnostic tool for checking the current Internet link.

"Throughout the UK and Europe individuals and businesses everywhere are anxious to get connected to the Internet and to gain from the many benefits of being plugged into a world of information and net-worked resources that now connects over 30 million people. Thanks to PIPEX DIAL, this can now be done by everyone using a high quality PIPEX connection at a fraction of the cost which previously limited the accessibility and utility of other data communication tools,” commented Peter Dawe, Managing Director of PIPEX.