Books 'R Everywhere

Certain businesses have a natural affinity for the way the Internet operates: and the book business is plainly one of them judging by the huge number of stores that are rushing to get on-line.

The Oxford-based Internet Book Shop makes the modest claim of being the "Largest Book Shop in the World" at

Conceived and operated by Darryl Mattocks (Darryl.Mattocks, the IBS is one of the most concise and easily navigated. And in the verbosity that afflicts many sites on the Internet, itís telling to see that those who are starting to mature appreciate the benefits of brevity.

The above sequence is all that is necessary to find the book that you want.

Speciality bookstores are another natural inhabitant of cyberspace, and the Astrology et al Bookstore in Seattle can be found at

A quick glance at Infoseek ( $10/month) or Yahoo reveals more stores than a browser can look through in a lifetime already

The Deep Politics bookstore at is an interesting place for us anarchists to stop over: featured when we stopped by was "Defrauding America."

Budding online retailers tread the trail and see how some of the earliest net traders have been plying their trade.

Peachpit Press Opens Cyber-Cafe Bookstore

Computer book publisher Peachpit Press announced its World Wide Web site as a Cyber-style cafe. To introduce the new area, Peachpit is posting the entire contents of a new book called: "Aether Madness: An Off-beat Guide to the Online World." A place where users may browse Peachpit books, read a chapter or two of the latest releases, and talk with authors, the cyber-cafe offers a broad range of informative and entertaining areas. Peachpit says it will also post the multimedia chapter from "The Macintosh Bible," a primer on design from Robin Williams' "The Non-Designer's Design Book," and a critical chapter from "The PC Bible." This new site also features the cartoon illustrations of John Grimes.

His line drawings are used to gateway into many of the areas. The site will also offer author biographies, interviews and photos. For users seeking more serious information, Peachpit is offering forums on desktop publishing, digital photography, general computer use and computer safety. Readers are also welcome to open their own forums. A "frequently asked questions" (FAQs) area offers answers to many common questions and users may ask specific technical questions of the tech support group.

Peachpit's online coordinator for the new site, Kris Atkins, told Infohighway, "This is something we have been working on for the past year. With so many technology titles and especially Internet and Web titles, we thought it only right that we have a very strong presence on the Web. Having the page available to many readers also opens a new means of communication with our readers and we consider this a valuable asset."

Peachpit also wants to make sure users are able to purchase books from its long list of titles. An "Order Info" area allows users to find out which bookstores carry Peachpit titles and the location of the nearest store.