Spain Joins cybercafé society

On May, 22nd the first Cybercafé in Spain was opened in Madrid. It’s aim is to provide the public with full access to the Internet with excellent quality and speed using a 64Kb line to Medusa-PIPEX.

It provides a Spanish environment, in language and culture, without forgetting that English is the main medium of communication with the net.

And if you doubt this, then compare the displayed Netscape text:

¿Qué es el cibercafé?

with the gruesome html source:

  ¿Qué es el cibercafé?

The café is a place where surfers can find the latest information about surfing on the net, to consult the latest paper magazines or documentation.

El Cybercafé - Welcome to Cyberspace

The Spanish have a rich and lyrical literary heritage that never quite makes it through the translation to another language. So rather than attempt to correct the translation of the announcement accompanying the launch of Ciberteca, we offer it verbatim, and feel that this catches the spirit of the endeavour:

On the pocket guide of a galactic hitch-hicker in the year 2525 appear some lines dedicated to this Ciberteca we inaugurate today, as the first cybercafé in Spain, connected to Internet, rest area of the first infohighways, place for exploring and self providing on the virtual world.

Exploring corners of cyberspace from the screen of a computer, get into the net and run over it, this is not a privilege of brilliant computer brains, cybernauts do not need complicated training courses. The first flight to Cyberspace is flexible do not need helmet, there are not collision risks and at the moment, there are not big traffic jams on the highways. It is not a videoplay, nevertheless a certain ludic spirit is necessary to run the net. A net that, if we take our planet like a live being, as some new biologists suggest, it could be a planet nervous system, a neuronal net that gathers and transmits impulses produced in all endings of the earth. At the moment, Ciberteca and Internet limit their coverage to the third solar system planet, but with the possibility of becoming an interplanetary and intergalactic net.

On the net we find our twin souls, as a cybernautic saying tells: the more strange you can feel, you always will find another as strange as you in the net. If the world falls, the net holds you.

On my first guided tour by the net, I could find the main street, Downtown commerces, virtual city, I could even get into the virtual homes of some citizens ... visited the Kremlim at Moscow, where some people tryed to sell me pins and souvenirs of past astronautic glories, even a piece of Laika dog collar. But I did not have time and I would like to visit the White House ... Later I went over a half of the world thanks to a virtual travel agency, capable of indicate in seconds the best lodge at Pago Pago (Polynesia) or the best place to rent a camel on the desert paying with credit card.

It was a brief but fascinating trip I am going to repeat soon with my best cybernaut spirit. A trip I recommend at the same time invite you to: cheers for CIBERTECA, the first cybercafé, a universal, galactic and "madrilea" tavern. Cheers with care for not wetting these keyboards, what could produce severes interferences on the net. Cheers and good trip!

Moncho Alpuente