Networks 95 set to BOOM...?

The Networks 95 show preview contains several exhortations and quotes that emphasise that the industry is not so much suggesting that the Internet is a useful part of any corporate networking strategy, but that it has already become and essential part of any business computing strategy.

This year’s Show Net for exhibitors is provided by a 2MBit backbone is once again provided by the newly amalgamated skills and facilities of Unipalm PIPEX, the combined entity that has emerged from the natural blending of Unipalm’s networking products distribution operation, and the PIPEX Internet provision businesses.

...As Unipalm and Pipex Join Up

Peter Dawe, now the sole group managing director of the new entity explains: "It makes sense to us because the vast majority of our customers want integrated solutions - not a piece of software from here, and an IP service from there, and a leased line contract from somewhere else.

"This is a fast moving business that continues to grow apace, and so we are evolving with it to develop the vehicle that best meets the needs of this marketplace. The name Unipalm PIPEX reflects the nature of the operation and emphasises that we are able to provide a total open-systems connectivity solution in a one-stop shop."

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