Bottoms Up

Bottom’s Up continues its policy of innovative marketing and design. Bottoms Up, the UK specialist wine retailer, has launched a site on the Internet. Bottoms Up's design consultancy, Nucleus, were commissioned to create a site which was easy to access and visually compelling.

In its screen design, Nucleus did not attempt to use the colour images so common to other Net sites. Instead, it projected Bottoms Up brand values through the use of strong, clear black and white graphics and photographic images, which need less bandwidth to download quickly.

The site includes an online "wine guide" which has been designed to build up over time into a comprehensive reference source on wine, including profiles of international winemakers and tasting notes on their wines, and will also include information on beers and spirits. It gives monthly special offer details and the option of joining the Bottoms Up "imbibers" wine club online. It won't be long before the interactive capability of the site is developed - for example, to allow visitors to order direct, as with Sainsbury’s Wine Direct services described some issues ago.

The Bottoms Up site can be viewed at