LIVE '95

The annual Earls Court festival of consumer electronics is set to run Tuesday September 19th to Sunday September 24th., and this features (surprise) the arrival of the Internet as a major force in the consumer electronics scene in the run up to Christmas.

Indeed, Christmas 1995 has been tipped since before Christmas 1994 to be “the Internet Christmas”, and Unipalm PIPEX will be playing its usual leading role in the online onslaught at the event with a drive on sales and promotion of its Pipex Dial connection service.

As usual, lots of hands on technology to fiddle with: games to play (including an awesome 300+ console Future Games Zone), HiFi to hear, and superhighways to surf. Live TV and Radio events throughout, featuring Capital FM, Carlton TV and KISS FM.

For those who can stand the pace of this frenetic and extremely loud event, there are even seminars plugging the various special interest magazines and topics at the show, and if you simply cannot wait to join in this veritable feast of fun, the Live 95 web site can be found at: