European Telework Week

November 9th to 16th has been declared as European Telework Week by the EC in order to raise awareness of the potential benefits of teleworking, since the Commission recognises the important contribution that teleworking can make to the success of European businesses.

Teleworking has traditionally been associated with social needs, but now that the Internet has brought WAN advantages to even the smallest of businesses, it is now emerging as a powerful tool to help all manner of businesses become more effective.

The Department of Trade and Industry has been supporting teleworking for several years through the Teleworking Special Interest Group. This group set up a Telework Platform to promote the use of flexible, location independent working by enterprises of all sizes across both public and private sectors.

TELEWORK UK '95 is the annual conference and exhibition organised by the Telework Platform with support from the DTI and a wide range of professional bodies.

This conference and exhibition is the key UK event of European Telework Week, where speakers and contributors from a wide spread of market sectors will explain the benefits they have experienced. Amongst the speakers will be Sir Peter Thompson, well known for his Chairmanship of NFC plc and his leadership of their employee buy-out from Government.

The move towards new and better ways of working is accelerating across the world. In the USA in particular the anti-pollution legislation and the LA earthquake have triggered experiments in telecommuting that are proving highly successful. What has happened since the earthquake will be explained by Susan Herman, IT Director of Los Angeles.

European Telework Week is centred around three "core" events: