The Bangemann Report

The Bangemann Report

Common IT sense in spades: but will anyone listen //?

Editorialisation is a wonderful thing: it condenses lengthy material into bite size morsels but often the agenda of the editor becomes intertwined with the article being edited. InfoHighway's editorial agenda is unmistakable: we think that the Internet is good news for business and we seek to provide all the news available about it to put the matter into perspective for our readers.

However, when a document such as the Bangemann report is issued, we are keeping our hands off. The report will shape the Internetworked working and leisure activities of 300 million people for a decade or more to come. It is our obligation to make the unedited text available to our readership for their own analysis and appraisel.

Here is the web version of the index in it's unexpurgated form so that you can see that it isn't just InfoHighway's rose tinted perspective that makes the Internet seem a not-to-be-missed business opportunity.

The Report urges the European Union to put its faith in market mechanisms as the motive power to carry us into the Information Age. This means that actions must be taken at the European level and by Member States to strike down entrenched positions which put Europe at a competitive disadvantage: it means fostering an entrepreneurial mentality to enable the emergence of new dynamic sectors of the economy; it means developing a common regulatory approach to bring forth a competitive, Europe-wide, market for information services; it does NOT mean more public money, financial assistance, subsidies, dirigisme, or protectionism.

In addition to its specific recommendations, the Group proposes an Action Plan of concrete initiatives based on a partnership between the private and public sectors to carry Europe forward into the information society. Europe and the global information society - Bangemann report Recommendations to the European Council Europe and the global information society Members of the High-Level Group on the Information Society Chair: Martin Bangemann

In its Brussels meeting of December 1993, the European Council requested that a report be prepared for its meeting on 24 - 25 June 1994 in Corfu by a group of prominent persons on the specific measures to be taken into consideration by the Community and the Member States for the infrastructures in the sphere of information.

On the basis of this report, the Council will adopt an operational programme defining precise procedures for action and the necessary means. Brussels, 26 May 1994

Contents of the report

Chapter I:

The information society - new ways of living and working together

A revolutionary challenge to decision makers

Partnership for jobs

If we seize the opportunity

A common creation or a still fragmented Europe?

The social challenge

Time to press on

An Action Plan

New markets in Europe's information society

Chapter II:

A market-driven revolution

A break with the past Ending monopoly Enabling the market Towards a positive outcome

Chapter III:

Completing the agenda

Protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) Privacy Electronic protection (encryption), legal protection and security Media ownership The role of competition policy Technology

Chapter IV:

The building blocks of the information society

The opportunity for the Union - strengthening its existing networks and accelerating the creation of new ones

New basic services are needed

Blazing the trail - ten applications to launch the information society


Distance learning

A network for universities and research centres

Telematic services for SMEs

Road traffic management

Air traffic control

Healthcare networks

Electronic tendering

Trans-european public administration network

City information highways

Chapter V:

Financing the information society - a task for the private sector.

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