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Our sources include: The Internet itself; the Newsbytes News service and Newspix photo library; various contributors.

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What infoHIGHWAY is about

Since our first issue in June 1994, the internet has come a long way.

Arguably (and we like to argue) the Internet started off with the intention of empowering the individual, got hi-jacked by the incumbant business interests, spent a couple of years proving that net really is something different,  to those who didn't want their cosy corporate world disturbed, and who believed that they could treat it as "just another channel".

One thing that we don't think we properly managed to emphasise is that InfoHighway is written from a commercial perspective, not a cultural viewpoint. We've noticed many times that people employed in the internet business and who believe that they have the plot are the most dangerous of all. A little learning is a fatal thing in this business.

The folks who think they had found the binoculars back in 1995 are only just beginning to realise that they have been looking through the wrong end. And guess who they'll find beaming right back at them when they finally find the focus wheel?

That's right. Us!

If you want to contribute...

Then send email to one of the above: we are looking for a variety of news reporters and general "watchers" to lurk on our behalf in newsgroups and URLs everywhere.

We have been known to pay for submissions in moments of weakness. :-)

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