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We have no intention of allowing infoHIGHWAY to become a conventional publication. So if this all-new style looks like we are slipping further into the abyss of traditional publishing, then please take time to visit our presence on the Internet -- and remember that there is a difference!

We launch the internews service with this issue. It’s under construction at a URL near you, now. internews is a broad-bandwidth IT news service, operated in conjunction with the reporting resources of the InfoHighway News Network.

We like to think that this is the first view of the way in which conventional IT news publishing can be innovated and extended by thoughtful adoption of the Internet.

This medium allows for a totally fresh approach to news reporting. There is no formal constraint of space: each story is headed by a brief précis of around 40-50 words. This in turn points to a story of between 400 and 800 words. And at any point in this item, pointers to further associated reading may be embedded.

Unlike the unsatisfactory and random way in which keyword searching of free text database material can operate can work, our links are embedded with the benefit of editorial decision and direction.

Will this approach obsolete all traditional ink-on-paper reporting? That’s rather up to the readers to decide by voting with their credit cards.

But we’ll let you into a secret, we wouldn’t like to be faced with a print and postage bill for a single issue that is greater than the overheads of our infinitely more versatile system for an entire year. Would you?

The new interNEWS home page.

email: still the biggest (and best?) use of the Internet

In this report, we look at electronic mail and the Internet, and set out to examine the benefits, and the reasons why email is scheduled to overtake FAX as the preferred business-to-business communication medium of US business

Why email?

Within the gamut of services available through modern systems and software, email is one of the more accessible ideas and technologies, and one that can do more to alter the way in which a company operates both internally and externally than any other.

email succeeds because it obeys the fundamental rule of successful IT: it saves its users time, and therefore money. It does this , like so much of IT, by cutting out intermediate processes and gets the information directly from the sending party to the receiving party like nothing else can. The message arrives at the far end in exactly the same form as it left the sender. The original limitations of email, such as the restriction to send only the 127 7-bit ASCII character set, have been left behind, and the new MIME formats available with products like Unipalm’s MailIt-2 mean that anything you can file on a disk can be attached and sent with a message.

It’s not all plain sailing though, since the development of the new attachment standards mean that a tower of Babel has arisen alongside the almost infallible 7-bit ASCII text format. More than ever, it is important to adopt a mail standard that can guarantee you the best connectivity and best support: and this is not, sadly, synonymous with the public domain.

Our email special starts at email basics

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