Lasse Muurinen's view of the net from Finland

Sailing, not surfing...

How long have you used the Internet?

Eight months What attracted you to the Internet in the first place ?

Adult studies via email.

Do you regard yourself as an evangelist who tries to tell anyone who will listen what is useful about the Internet?

Yes, I suppose you could say that.

How much time do you spend in a day browsing information?

Since I have to pay the expenses and today I donít have regular job, I used to work on a ship. Iím very careful when and how I use the Net. But it is so useful so itís also very hard to not use it daily.

Whatís the best discovery you ever made on the Internet for yourself personally, and for your job ..?

When I found Cello and WWW. Now I hope this is going to be my job some way.

What general direction is the Internet taking in Finland. eg: Commercial e-mail, commercial remote access computing, information systems etc.?

Jep, here in the local district people are little bit afraid of the Internet still. Questions like; how can I use it, is it safe, is it all in English....?

Whatís the biggest problem you face when using the Internet in terms of making it useful for what you want to do?

How to get help when you really donít know what to do next.

What would you like to see happen with the Internet in Finland from the point of view of individual users?

My dream is to see the World Wide Web delivered to every home.

How easy is it for "the man in the street" to get an account on the Internet... and what does it cost ...?

One hour is 24 Finnish Marks* if I call weekdays between 20:00 -- 08:00. This a SLIP connect with a full service access (IP level).

How do you feel the Finnish government is dealing with the issues surrounding the internet: things like privacy, making the PTT service readily available?

I think that our President Martti Ahtisaari is very wide-awake and aware of the "Information Super Highway".

How does the Finnish press, radio and TV deal with the Internet? In the UK we have been getting the after-effects of the US hype for the "information Super Highway" and the UK press tends to focus on sensational stories involving pornography, security and the idea of delivering Mickey Mouse cartoon films "on demand" to private subscribers. Occasionally they might mention in a small story that email is replacing fax.

Nowdays almost every magazine is talkingí about the Internet.

And I have heard that there is even a Finnish movie about the Net.

Is hacking a big problem in Finland?

You could say that too many "students" are trying to show how good they are.

Is the ISDN market growing in your country?

Telecom Finlandís ISDN basic rate is now available in South-Eastern and Central Finland and also in Helsinki. Autumn 1994 the ISDN coverage will be extended to Northern, Eastern and Southern Finland. Then appr. 40% of Telecom Finlandís customers will be within reach of ISDN. At the end of 1995 the coverage will be approx. 75%.

Primary rate access is now available in South-Eastern and Central Finland, in the Helsinki area and also in many parts of the country outside those areas. Before end of this year the coverage will be appr. 90%. The installation charge for basic rate access is FIM 2000 incl. tax and the monthly charge is FIM 170.

In areas where the subscriber line is leased from another local operator the installation charge is FIM 2665 and the monthly charge is minimum FIM 224 depending on the length of the line. Domestic call charges are as for telephony. The normal telephony call charge to UK, Central and Southern Europe is FIM 2.87 per minute.


Will the Internet (and the other networks derived from it) lead to a completely new way of commercial and private life?

Will it have a real impact on the way communities function?

Growing fast, Yes.

Will it become a serious alternative shopping channel?

Itís already doing all that to a degree. You can shop when you want. You can choose the country where you want to buy.

*There are 7.65 FM to the £ at the time of writing.

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