Lotus guru gives the Internet his support

In case you missed it, the comet strikes again from NASA. Check it out for yourself. We don't have a suitable pic of Jim Manzi, and this issue was looking a little drab, and this is under 30k...sooo....

Manzi Promotes Communication Superhighway


Lotus chief Jim Manzi thinks "information superhighway" is a misnomer. A better phrase, Manzi told a Washington conference looking at applications using the national information infrastructure, is "communication superhighway."

The information infrastructure "is not being built to carry information," Manzi told the luncheon audience. "Itís being built so people can communicate and do things."

"The infrastructure is here already," he said. "It is not a giant construction project. Business networks are already a reality and are creating whole new cultures based on new forms of information."

The barriers to the new communications revolution, the Lotus president, chairman and chief executive officer said, "are cultural. They are ignorance, dogma, habit, fear of change." The revolution is creating new, non-hierarchical organizations, and there are those who are rigidly resisting the change.

At Lotus, Manzi noted, 5,200 employees are connected through phone lines and the Lotus Notes groupware. He said the project that will allow anyone with notes to link up to others through the AT&T network will begin trials this month. "AT&T provides the routers and switching," he said. "It will make high bandwidth communications accessible to business as a simple service, providing text, rich text, sound and video" without the technical expertise needed to navigate the Internet.

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